john baldessari, robert rauschenberg

Brooke Alexander Gallery
59 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012




Photo-Based Prints

Summer 2010

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andy warhol, robert rauschenberg

Artists Included:

John Baldessari
Andy Warhol
Robert Rauschenberg
Edward Muybridge
Lorna Simpson
Peter Blake
Markus Raetz
Bruce Nauman

lorna simpson, edward muybridge
john baldessari
robert rauschenberg
robert rauschenberg, john baldessari
exhibition view
john baldessari, lorna simpson
bruce nauman
andy warhol, bruce nauman, john baldessari
andy warhol, john baldessari
andy warhol, markus raetz, peter blake, robert rauschenberg
John Baldessari Robert Rauschenberg Cardbird Robert Rauschenberg lithograph Robert Rauschenberg Cardbird Andy Warhol 8 Sunsets Robert Rauschenberg print John Baldessari print robert rauschenberg print Andy Warhol 8 colorful sunsets Markus Raetz nude woman Peter Blake 3 french nude women Andy Warhol portrait collage Lorna Simpson print John Baldessari print John Baldessari print Bruce Nauman 5 Hologram prints Bruce Nauman pink and green poster Andy Warhol Jean Cocteau collage John Baldessari print Bruce Nauman poster Robert Rauschenberg 5 Glacial Decoy prints Lorna Simpson 5 mouths print Edward Muybridge human motion print Lorna Simpson untitled print John Baldessari 3 part print John Baldessari 2 hands print Bruce Nauman 5 framed face prints Andy Warhol Red Lenin print John Baldessari Heaven and Hell diptych