Brooke Alexander
New York Posters from the 1980s (Please contact the gallery for prices & availability)
Latina woman punches oppressive business men
Greedy business man points at crowd to leave but they are defiant Evil looking Ronald Regan portrait surrounded by  skulls and black hands Cheering crowd of nicaraguans and exploding volcano with lots of text, blood splattered crowd marching on 5th anniversary of assissination Colorful Fiesta of Santa Ana poster for a party Man in drag with mississippi river in background, very colorful with text Ronald Reagan dances on corpses in El Salvador, rock band benefit concert poster crowds protesting the MTA, lots of word baloons 3 city politicians standing in front of burning building household items with a bright pink background and lots of text
ring of protestors face mayor Ed Koch driving towards them in a bulldozzer
A fist grabs a pencil, text promotes Freedom School  classes and music
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