Brooke Alexander Gallery
Richard Tuttle

Since his first one-man show at Betty Parsons Gallery in 1965, Richard Tuttle has carved a unique niche in the contemporary art world. Tuttle's work focuses on process and on forms, often using the simplest of materials, and often at a small scale, to explore the nature of composition, balance, dimension, and space.

The work of Richard Tuttle takes on many forms. Throughout his career the artist has created sculptures, drawings, prints, installations, artist's books, and very often a hybrid of several of these forms. While retaining a minimalist sensibility, Richard Tuttle has made use of a wide range of materials, including metal wire, dyed canvas, plywood, galvanized metal, paper, styrofoam, bubblewrap, plastic, glass, feathers, cardboard, tin cans, lightbulbs, ceramic, and masking tape.

Brooke Alexander began collaborating with Richard Tuttle in 1973 when they published In Praise of Economic Determinism, one of Tuttle's earliest editioned prints, and a prime example of his "frameless" aesthetic. Brooke Alexander and Richard Tuttle have continued this collaboration over the years, most recently with Fluidity of Projection (2008).

Selected Richard Tuttle exhibitions at Brooke Alexander:

Portraits & Portfolios
, January - March 2008

Modulated Abstraction, October - December 2006

The Mediated Gesture, March - May 2006

Markus Raetz / Richard Tuttle, November - December 2004

Portfolios, February - May 2002

Helmut Dorner / Richard Tuttle / Franz West,
September - October 2001

Richard Tuttle: Prints, February - March 1997

Richard Tuttle: Prints and Related Works, March - April 1994

Richard Tuttle: 70's Drawings, January - February 1990

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